Pink Floyd - The Endless River

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#1 Pink Floyd - The Endless River

Post by Mo »

Anybody else heard this yet?

One word AWESOME 8)
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Yo, long time no read/speak. How's it hanging? :D
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#3 Re: Pink Floyd - The Endless River

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Mo wrote:Anybody else heard this yet?

One word AWESOME 8)
It's not out officially until Monday :shock:

How's it going, Mo?
Chris :happy3:
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Post by Scottmoose »

Got this for Christmas. Exceptional. Essentially the ambient album of Division Bell style & based on material from the same sessions, dusted off, updated, new parts recorded, reworked, re-imagined, mixed & packaged with lots of nods to their previous work. I love a lot of what Floyd put out, & this is one of the guises I like most -liquidity, but with a lot of interest / depth. Works very well at low levels actually -I'm writing a couple of journal articles at the moment & it's perfect to have on in the background. Also works very well cranked up. I've played it through a pair of Jenna speakers so far & the dynamic range is remarkable; there's a heck of a lot going on in the mix, especially at low levels. As you'd expect really.

Love it. Album I never thought would happen -proper new Pink Floyd release, albeit in a left-field way. I think Rick Wright would be happy with it. :)
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#5 Re: Pink Floyd - The Endless River

Post by Progmeister »

It's a lovely album if you listen to it as Gilmour intends it, a chillout album. It has some haunting ghosts of Pink Floyd's long and winding history though ultimately it isn't the album to wrap up such an institution. Neither is it with the inclusion of all living members which i honestly believe it should in order to do so. Musically it is excellent on so many levels though despite a beautiful mix for vinyl lends itself better to more recent technologies. The blu-ray 5.1 is a much more enjoyable event. :D
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