Transitive nightfall of diamonds

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andrew Ivimey
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#1 Transitive nightfall of diamonds

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I was noodling away on a new guitar that very difficult to put down - real ebony fingerboard! &;

messing with a couple of dim kinda chords I thought that's grateful dead stuff. Wow, gotcha... trilling little finger and stuff around sort of d minor and C major. The fun thing is that if you get bored add f major G back to root D minor or major etc etc. But Dark Star is there.
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#2 Re: Transitive nightfall of diamonds

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Shall we go ... ?

This is great(ful)ly to your credit .
I was sat outside on the wall at 1am with a glass of wine mulling over the latest debacle of our company ( pulling the plug on an internationally significant project we could have contributed to ... more later ) and looking at the transitive nightfall of diamonds . It was backed up by a first-quarter moon and Jupiter.
Ho hum ( again ) ...
"Peridots and periwinkle, blue medallions Gilded galleons spilled across the ocean floor" ( Mitchell )
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