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Irene Idler wrote: Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:41 pm Two completely different but amazing artists I discovered today, plus one not quite so old favorite's most magnificent output:

1. Hiromi, the Trio Project, 'Alive':

2. CW Stoneking, 'Jungle Blues':

3. Too Many Zooz/Lucky Chops, 'Funkytown/I Feel Good':
The Hiromi is unbelievably good.
She does have a superb supporting cast - Simon Phillips is an amazing player, as is Anthony Jackson - those two working together get my juices flowing, but throw Hiromi's piano into the mix and it's barely controlled insanity.
I usually feel emotionally drained by the time the last note is played, which in my book is most excellent :D
Chris :happy3:
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