FS: DIY Hifi Supply Ltd 300B lady day+ MK2 Monoblock’s

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#1 FS: DIY Hifi Supply Ltd 300B lady day+ MK2 Monoblock’s

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DIY Hifi Supply Ltd 300B lady day+ MK2 Monoblock’s
I have had these amplifiers for many years but fir the last 5-6 years they have had almost no use as I preferred PP to SE as well as making and using a Pass F5. The amplifiers have a pretty high spec and have the following features/additions beyond the standard base model:
1. Upgraded power transformers (not toroidal)
2. Upgraded chokes
3. Upgraded output transformers
4. PTFE valve holders
5. Silver wire for the mast majority of internal wiring
6. Blackgate cathode decoupling capacitors
7. Blackgate PSU smoothing caps
8. Tentlabs DC supply to the 300B’s to reduce hum
9. The 6SL7 driver valve has been reconfigured in accordance with recommendations from Thorsten to use a 10M45 CCS anode load. This is not the original SRPP circuit but could be returned to that if wanted.
The amplifiers visually are ok, but the transformer covers do have some scuffs and scratches and there are a few holes in the chassis that aren’t used (the amps arrived to me like this). To my eye they look fine when in a rack, but some people might not agree. I also have the original build instruction book.
I have taken a load of photos both internal and external which I can email to people, so please PM your address if you are interested.
I additionally have a spare unused set of 300B’s and rectifier valves should someone want spares on hand. I also have a pair of 10M45’s as well if wanted. We can discuss prices for these later (I don’t want to split any of the items up).
The amplifiers are very heavy and would much prefer local pickup from me (I am based just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne). I can also demonstrate the amplifiers be before they leave my house.
Given the exotic components within the amplifiers I am looking for £650. If there are no takers, they will end up on Ebay.
Happy to try and answer any questions anyone might have.
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