F/S Lenco type 3a or 3b

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#1 F/S Lenco type 3a or 3b

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I need to rationalise the decks I have and the system itself.
Its become too cumbersome and huge tbh, and now I'm happy with the arm I don't need 2 Lencos.
So, I'm offering up either the smaller type 3b lenco or the big type 3a lenco for sale

type 3a

ImageCx unipivot revision 9 on lenco by anthony cresswell, on Flickr

type 3b

ImageCx unipivot rev:7 by anthony cresswell, on Flickr

Both decks are set up with arm boards set for rega geometry arms, The small 3b has a hole for my own arm so it would have to be modified abit for another one. just a case of making the hole bigger.

The big 3a has a removable arm board insert, and has a spare blank arm board. something longer could go in this deck as It's big enough.

Both have a 2 hole idler wheel

Both have height adjustable feet

Both have a fully damped chassis

The 3a has a shimmed bearing using an acetal shim i turned up for it but the 3b doesn't

The 3a is antique oak and a cream chassis, the 3b is walnut with a satin black chassis

I'd like £300 ish for either of the decks, I may let one go with the version 8 prototype arm (not the latest one with the arm lifter) on it for a bit more

Im open to offers on the decks too

I'll be taking one to Owston so if someone wants one it can be brought there, otherwise it would have to be picked up

cheers ant
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