Hifi DIY books spotted

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#1 Hifi DIY books spotted

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Some useful books at decent prices over on the Wigwam

https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/thread ... ks.107620/

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#2 Re: Hifi DIY books spotted

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Is the Tube Audio Design the first Rosenblit publication? Strange of seller not to use the usual standard of naming author. As Im not a member I cant access any further data, as I have enough log in’s in my life Im not inspired to create yet another. If its the first Rosenblit, I have that so heavily thumbed front cover gone, hence the question.

A word to the wise, Glass Audio projects, the majority of projects in glass audio werent much use to scratch build people whove read both Terman and Fritz, and had their own voyage of discovery. Theyre mostly lagging behind the diy trends.
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